Poultry Contract Growing in the Philippines


Poultry contracting farming is one of the options that is available for Filipino farmers. Contract poultry growing simply refers to a partnership or agreement between a poultry company such as San Miguel Pure Foods or Bounty with Filipino farmers who fulfill certain grower conditions.

Farmers must meet the minimal requirements and the contract growing company will provide several levels of support in order to help the farmer in meeting certain defined objectives. A lot of Filipino poultry farmers frequently ask for information on how they can enter into these contract farming relationships and run profitable ventures over the long term. Here, we will offer you a brief overview of contract farming in the Philippines including some of the requirements, preparations to make, the players in the industry, advantages and many more.

In the Philippines, just like in the US, the broiler poultry production industry has been undergoing very intensive vertical integration. An individual poultry producer, called an integrator, carries out diverse production activities ranging from breeding to hatching, formulating feeds, medication, processing and marketing of the poultry. The farmer just raises the flock using the best practices and training techniques offered by the contract poultry growing company.

The contract growing companies such as San Miguel will also offer you technical support for the duration of the poultry production. They will visit the poultry farms on a regular basis in order to see how the farmer is faring on. Contract growing generally has strict requirements which must be met by the farmer.

Contract growing is one of the most efficient broiler production methods in the industry as all resources are maximized in order to cut down on the costs and increase the production levels.

Requirements for Contract Poultry Growing in the Philippines

The requirements for contract poultry growing in the Philippines are more or less the same.  San Miguel Pure Foods has the following requirements for farmers planning to become contract poultry growers:-

  • Minimum land area of 1 hectare
  • A location that is within an agricultural zone
  • The location must be at least 1km from the nearest residential area
  • The location must be at least 1km from the closest poultry or hog farming operation.
  • The location must be at least within a 100km radius of a poultry processing plant that is operated by San Miguel.
  • You must have a reliable source of electrical power.
  • There must be sufficient access to potable water
  • There must be an all-weather road leading to the poultry farm and inside the poultry farm. The road must be easily passable for a light vehicle as well as light trucks.

Poultry House Requirements

  • The poultry house must be constructed in an East-West Orientation.
  • The poultry house must have a minimum capacity of 36,000 birds in the space.
  • The Design Specifications should be as follows: Length of 450 and width of 52 ft.
  • The broiler house should be tunnel ventilated.

Application Process for Contract Poultry Growing in the Philippines

When applying for a contract poultry growing partnership with San Miguel Foods Inc (SMFI), the following requirements should be met:-

  • The contract poultry growing application form should be completed.
  • A site or farm inspection will follow
  • The SMFI will have to approve the proposed farm or site for poultry production
  • Submit the letter of intent
  • You will be issued with letter of commitment
  • Submission of the relevant permits
  • Construction of the poultry house according to the SMFI requirements
  • Signing of contract
  • Seminar by SMFI on basic poultry husbandry techniques
  • Chick placement

The San Miguel Foods Inc will provide you with the following:-

  • Building plans, designs and specifications for the poultry house.
  • Top quality day old chicks
  • Broiler feeds and nutrition program
  • Medicines as well as vaccines
  • Technical assistance for the poultry production
  • Laboratory services
  • Materials for recording information or data on the poultry production
  • Ready market for your poultry
  • Competitive pricing agreement.

For more information on the San Miguel Foods Inc contract poultry farming partnerships, check out http://www.sanmiguelpurefoods.com/page/broiler-contact-growing.

2 thoughts on “Poultry Contract Growing in the Philippines”

  1. Message me. Im interested. We have a 23hectares farm that is perfect for conversion into a poultry farm. Situated in Brgy. Buselelao Echague Isabela. 9km away away from the national highway and BMEG processing plant in Brgy. Soyung Echague Isabela.

  2. I am interested doing business with SMFI. We own a 7.8-hectare farm in sitio Dalig, Barangay Tua, Magallanes, Cavite (20-minute drive from Twin Lakes). However, there’s no power and water supply available. Will it be okey if electricity will be from solar power and water is from a windmill driven water pump?

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