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Poultry Farming in the Philippines
Poultry Farming in the Philippines

The Philippines has one of the largest poultry industries in the world. We are also a major consumer of poultry products. However, in spite of the rapid developments in the industry over the past few years, there is still plenty of room for growth, innovation and opportunity for new and aspiring Filipino poultry farmers.

In the past few years, the domestic poultry industry in the Philippines has seen rapid and tremendous growth. It is still one of the best performing agribusiness sectors in the country and that means farmers with the best knowledge and most efficient poultry production systems are able to capitalize on this massive market and poultry industry infrastructure in order to generate lots of profits.

Poultry meat is undoubtedly the most popular source of protein in the Philippines and as a result, it has seen some tremendous boost in the past few years in terms of investments by both individual farmers and corporations. Across the Filipino poultry sector, there is increased investments and the introduction of latest cutting edge technologies in breeding, hatching, rearing, management, processing and various other sectors in the poultry value chain and these investments have tremendously transformed the industry and introduced more efficiency. However, if these efficiency and improvements in the production techniques are not trickling down to the individual small scale Filipino farmers, it might be difficult for the much lauded robust growth in the sector to benefit everyone.

Increasingly, there is the popularization of the hybrid poultry breeds which have excellent productive capacity and liveability and which Filipino farmers can manage easily in order to maximize on their production and increase their incomes and profitability.

Thanks to these efficiency and improvements, egg production has also increased in the Philippines and farmers who adapt and adopt more efficient production techniques are able to easily reap maximum benefits from poultry farming.

Filipino Poultry is a portal for Filipino poultry farmers. We offer guides, manuals, tips, best practices, promotional activities, marketing and share best practices with Filipino farmers in order to help in building expertise and modernizing the economy of poultry production in the Philippines. We borrow best practices on poultry management, poultry nutrition, poultry health and technologies from around the world and bring it to the shores of the Philippines. Our ambition is to transform the Filipino farmers into some of the most sophisticated poultry producers in the world.

At Filipino Poultry Consortium, we see our role as that of helping in the further development of the poultry sector through information sharing, networking in the industry, market and business linkages in order to help in boosting the development of the poultry business as well as the national economy.

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