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Chicken Breeds in Philippines

If you are planning to venture into poultry farming in the Philippines, one of the main decisions that you will need to make is deciding on the niche where you want to get involved. Some of the areas where you can get involved in include the following:-

  • Meat production or commercial broiler farming
  • Egg production or commercial layer farming
  • Chicken breeding or hatchery business
  • Free range chicken farming

Whether you are buying poultry stock for layer or broiler farming, you must ensure that you are buying from a reputable hatchery which applies best practice in its production techniques to give you quality chicks with excellent livability. It is important to study the characteristics of the poultry that you are planning to rear in the Philippines before you choose the right breeds or hybrids that will suit your requirements.

Commercial Broiler Breeds or Strains in the Philippines

In the Philippines, you can choose any of the following commercial broilers:-

Arbor Acres: This is one of the most popular broiler breeds in the Philippines and is from the American company Aviagen. Arbor Acres have excellent growth rate, excellent livability, good feed conversion rates as well as great breast meat yield. You can get your supplies from San Miguel.


Hubbard: This is another popular broiler strain in the Philippines which is also excellent for free range poultry meat production.  You can get Hubbard broilers from Tyson Agro Ventures.


StarBro: In the Philippines, you can get this variety from the Universal Robina Farms  based in Metro Manila.


Ross: Ross is one of the most robust broilers and assures buyers of excellent breast yield. These broilers generally assure farmers of excellent overall performance.


Cobb: Cobb broilers are great all rounders and  can be reared in various kinds of environments including alternative poultry farming systems.


Commercial Layer Breeds in the Philippines


Lohmann Chickens: Lohmann chickens have their origins in Germany and are some of the most prolific layers in the Philippines.


Dekalb Chickens in Philippines: Dekalb Chickens are by ISA and have excellent characteristics that make them some of the most preferred chickens for poultry egg production in the Philippines. They have a great temperament and are generally quiet in the cages as well as in alternative systems such as enriched cages, backyard chicken farming and free range chicken farming in the Philippines.

Dekalb chickens in Philippines have various excellent characteristics such as excellent livability, high number of eggs laid, good egg sizes as well as great egg quality. They lay crisp white eggs which are quite popular with many Filipinos. Average egg weight is 63.1g and they also have excellent feed conversion which makes them a high performing and potentially profitable to raise for poultry egg production in Philippines.

Babcock white layers: The babcock layers produce a large number of big-sized eggs. The Babcock white layers perform well in all kinds of climates and are known for their calm temperament.