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Philippines Free Range Chicken Farming Manual

The Philippines is one of the largest poultry producing nations in the world with more than 800 million alone produced in the country every year. Generally, these birds are produced in caged conditions where there is little movement and little space for the birds to express their natural behaviours. They go through an intensive feeding program and accelerated growth that puts the market and ready for consumption within a period of 30-40 days. Naturally, this kind of “factory farming” puts a lot of stress on the bird and if not well regulated, may even pose health risk for humans. The birds are treated as raw materials with the sole of aim of getting them to the market as soon as possible.

This kind of farming, although highly productive, efficient, profitable and capable of meeting the poultry demand for many Filipinos, is not ethical. Besides, it is a form of farming that is sometimes associated with the indiscriminate use of chemicals and antibiotics in order to maximize on production.

It is no surprise, therefore, that many Filipinos are looking for more sustainable options for chicken rearing such as organic chicken farming and free range chicken farming. They want to rear their chickens in an environment where there is no pressure to produce too much within the shortest time possible. As a result, the chickens are allowed to grow as naturally as possible and are also allowed to express their natural behaviours such as foraging and feeding on the pasture, legumes and grubs in the range. Countless research has indicated that this kind of poultry rearing produces chickens which are happier, healthier and more nutritious. The free range chicken meat contains more proteins, essential amino acids, less fats, and more vitamins. It also has less cholesterol. The chickens are allowed time to forage in healthy pasture and build muscles resulting in soft, tender and sweet chicken meat.

The best way to get the best out of your chickens is by rearing them just as nature intended by adopting humane and ethical rearing practices. We offer a Filipino Free Ranging Chicken Farming PDF manual with information on the best practices and how to succeed in free range chicken farming.

By following our Philippines Free Range Chicken Rearing Guide, you will learn the tips and best practices that will help you succeed in your free range chicken farming venture while also running a fairly profitable free range or organic chicken farm. We cover everything from choosing the best site to breed selection, building a proper free range chicken housing, ensuring the best biosecurity for your free range farm, incorporating proper brood management, the best feeding regime, disease control for your free range birds and even tips on how you can formulate your own non-GMO feeds.

Our manual gives you the best practice and management tips that will help you realize success with your free range farming model.